Why People Fail in Multi-Level Marketing Ventures

You may or may not have heard of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) before, but you probably have heard of its dubious nickname: the pyramid scheme. Not every MLM is a pyramid scheme, but people often assume.


Are you starting a Non-profit Business?

If you’re thinking of starting a nonprofit business there is a lot more to it than you might realize. It will be important to think things through clearly and decide if that’s really what you want.

Now, many businesses start as for-profit ventures but unfortunately they become non-profit because either the business owner neglects to plan well, the economy is wavering or proper targeting of ideal clients is not done.


Beware Fraud in the Bail Bond Industry

When someone is arrested and taken into police custody, it creates an incredibly stressful time for their family for a lot of reasons. Depending on the nature of the crime, it could be embarrassing. If the arrestee has children that need to be taken care of, a mortgage or rent, or an auto payment, the family can take these obligations on themselves and end up experiencing significant hardship because of it.


Preventing Internal Fraud in Your Business

Companies of all sizes lose billions of dollars every year due to employee fraud. Whether it’s giving discounts to friends and family, or stealing funds directly from the company, internal fraud eats into a company’s profits and can be difficult to detect.


Don’t Let a Rental Car Scam Ruin Your Vacation

Depending on where you decide to go on vacation, renting a car may not have to factor in. Cities known to have adequate transportation, such as New York, San Francisco, or London make renting a car unnecessary.


Twitter is So Much More Than a Gimmick

Social media is an integral part of any successful business’ marketing strategy. Twitter, on the outside, may seem like a cute way to make a statement or two and have it be seen by other people on the site, but it’s so much more than a gimmick.


How to Find Your Business Niche

If you want to increase the odds that your business will be successful, you’re going to need to find a niche market. A niche market is a small piece of the greater market that a certain product or service is focused on.


Goal Setting is The Key to a Successful Business

If the first step on the path to running a legitimate successful business is, first and foremost, to avoid committing fraud when creating and operating a business, even unintentionally, and the second step is goal setting to support your vision.


Why Should You Build a Support Network?

Starting a small business in the US is easy; however, keeping that business afloat can leave wide-eyed entrepreneurs with their work cut out for them.


What is Consumer Fraud and How is Your Company Vulnerable?

Fraud comes in many forms. There are schemes and scams of all sorts. Surely you’ve noticed consumer fraud is in the news a lot lately. Both the public and the business sector are more vulnerable than ever.

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