Do you have travel plans? Heads-up, Ken Collis of the Los Angeles based firm, TLK Fusion Marketing has some information that you should know!

The IRS may have a message for you.

If you are seriously behind in your taxes, pay your bill ASAP. The IRS is strongly encouraging you to clear up your debt immediately up or enter payment agreements if you want to hang onto your passport.


Sales — One of The Driving Forces of The American Economy

The ability to sell is one of the driving forces of the American economy and the ability to do it consistently is a highly regarded skill. In the auto industry, the ability to sell is paramount to anything else. If cars don’t get sold, the dealer doesn’t make money – and neither do you.

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Heighten Your Visibility And Grow Your Business

Would you like to generate more revenue? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t? Business growth is a numbers game and in order to have the numbers you need to flip the success quotient in your favor, you need to heighten your company’s visibility. Gather leads and eventually they go from cold to warm.


Guard Your Business Against Theft Of Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets

“Today’s world is driven by information and in many cases technology is the vehicle,” says Ken Collis, Founder and CEO of TLK Fusion Marketing. “It’s no surprise that the increase in theft of intellectual property and trade secrets is on the rise. It’s one of the most common form of fraud these days.”


Will You Recognize Fraud When The IRS Comes Calling?

The word “scam” has become a part of everyday language in recent years. Between identity theft, hackers, and criminals posing as IRS agents, the financial cost is great. Although many target the elderly and most vulnerable, today’s scammers realize it’s a numbers game so they’re preying upon anyone. Will you recognize fraud if you’re targeted?


TLK Fusion Marketing Offers 3 Ways to Derail Fraudulent Social Media Attacks

As a small business owner, you’d be remiss not to engage in social media to promote your business. It helps increase visibility, establish credibility and build trust—three things you need to grow and sustain your business.


Businesses are at risk of fraud from a wide variety of places, not the least of which being their own employees. Some schemes can be relatively simple; skimming a few dollars here and there from the point-of-sale to fund an evening on the town, while others can be serious and involve the embezzling of hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars over the course of several years.

“Employee-based fraud can be difficult to spot,” says Ken Collis, Founder and CEO of  TLK Fusion Marketing. “Once someone gets comfortable with their knowledge of running your business, they may see shortcomings they can exploit.”


US telco AT&T is reportedly in talks to snap up ad tech firm AppNexus for a possible $1.6bn (£1.2bn), according to Wall Street Journal, in a move that would equip it with firepower enough to take on the likes of Facebook and Google in the advertising space.

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