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Disruptive Marketing

While conventional marketing targets consumers, disruptive marketing creates them.

Digital Marketing

Digital media is so pervasive that consumers have access to information any time and any place they want it.

Content Creation

With 75 percent of companies currently increasing their video and photo content marketing budget, it’s apparent that content can no longer be treated as a part-time job.

Celebrity Alignments

Our celebrity services division, run by a team of experienced celebrity and lifestyle publicists, offers a variety of buzz-generating options which include product placement celebrities…

Public Relations

At TLK Fusion, we use our cumulative knowledge and experience of public relations and marketing to bring your brand to the forefront of your audience.

Retail Consulting

The retail world—with its razor-thin margins and relentless big bets on fashions, trends and timing—has never been a haven for the faint of heart.

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We don't believe in long-term contract. We'll let our results speak for themeselves. No asterisks here.


Our unique a-la-carte model allows you to choose the services you need, and leave the ones you don't.

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You're better than amateur. Hire a ream of experts with serious experience in kicking ass, taking names, and growing brands.

What questions can we answer for you today?

What questions can we answer for you today?

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