Google announces new YouTube tools for advertisers


Google has announced the release of four new tools for YouTube to help capture the attention of viewers.

Google knows all too well about the importance of catching consumer attention with advertising. In an ever-connected world, where we watch TV while flicking idly through our phones or listen to podcasts while working, advertising is everywhere and consumer attention is a valuable commodity.

And while the majority of us have seemingly developed an ability to tune out TV adverts or billboards as we go about our days, the ability does not seem to extend to the world of online video.

The company has conducted research with Ipsos that shows that people are three times more likely to pay attention to online video ads when compared to television ads. And within online video, people pay twice as likely to pay attention to YouTube ads then those on other social media. The reason for this is likely that people go to the site specifically to watch videos, which is not always the case with other social media.

Here is a rundown of the new tools.

Custom Affinity Audiences

Since January, Google has been working on bringing the success it has had with search marketing to video. The key is intention. Campaigns that use intent-based audiences on mobile have 20% higher ad recall lift and 50% higher brand awareness when compared to those demographic audiences.

The company is expanding the ways people can use the Google ecosystem using Custom Affinity Audiences to deliver more relevant, useful as on YouTube. It is now possible to serve ads based the kind of searches users do, as well as the places they go and the apps they use.

Director Mix

Director Mix is designed to simplify the process of making different versions of the same content that are tailored for distinct audiences. By putting in the fundamental elements of your video ad (such as voiceovers, background and copy), the system will create hundreds of different versions to match whatever audience segments you are targeting.

Video Ad Sequencing

Video ad sequencing allows brands to create “an ad experience that unfolds over time”. A new feature in AdWords Labs let you tie together content in ways that react to the ways that customers react to ads and take them down different paths.

For instance, you start with an introductory ad that builds awareness and then continue with longer spots that communicate specific product attributes or pain point solutions.

Measuring sales lift

Finally, Google is releasing a new global approach to measuring sales lift. Based on the Nielsen Matched Panel Analysis, the geo-based solution is a fast way to work out with online ads drive to offline sales.

Taken together, YouTube hopes that this suite of new tools will help people create ads “that are relevant and useful, so that instead of interrupting people’s viewing experiences, you’re enhancing them.”

– by Colm Hebblethwaite

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