Heighten Your Visibility And Grow Your Business


Heighten Your Visibility And Grow Your Business

Would you like to generate more revenue? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t? Business growth is a numbers game and in order to have the numbers you need to flip the success quotient in your favor, you need to heighten your company’s visibility. Gather leads and eventually they go from cold to warm.

If you have a brick and mortar business, new clients will walk through the door. If your business is online, your following will grow as your business becomes visible to more people.

Sound simple? It is, but it takes a little elbow grease too. Ken Collis, CEO and Founder of TLK Fusion Marketing advises, “If you’re willing to do what it takes to heighten your visibility, you can garner a fair amount of leads that will help sustain your business through the rough spots. Employ the right strategy and your business will grow.”

Secure an Internet Presence

Do prospective clients even know you exist? Is your business visible online?

Even if you have a brick and mortar business having a website is a good start. If you’re not online, you’re missing out on hundreds or thousands of prospective clients or customers.
If people don’t know who you are or if they hear of you but are not sure how to find you, the website you invested in has little value.

Why is An Online Presence is Necessary?

In today’s global marketplace, the competition is astronomical. You can head the pack by refining your SEO (search engine optimization) or you can fall behind unless you do what’s necessary to catch up.

Sometimes competition will try to defame you or make false accusations of fraud or malpractice. You won’t be able to do battle ethically unless you are aware of what’s being said.

Where Do You Begin?

A website is just the beginning. It gives you a home on the Internet. By making sure to optimize strategically, your presence will rise above the competition.

Your next focus is to let people know how to find you. Once they get to your website they will learn about you, your products and/or services. Even lies and damaging accusations of fraud will be overshadowed by testimonials from happy clients who sing you praises.

Along with your website, include a strong social media presence. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all popular platforms. Open an account with each, but don’t stop there as some unsuccessful business owners might do. Use them!

Using social media platforms to heighten visibility means to post regularly. That doesn’t mean just inviting people to buy what you’re selling. The largest percentage of your social media posts should engage people so they get to know you, like you and trust you. At that point they will be more likely to do business with you.

Publish a Blog

Did you know blogs are a form of social media? They are an interactive medium (social). Your blog is one of the best ways to garner a following and build rapport with prospects. Depending on the material you post, and how you post it, you can also set yourself up as an expert in your industry.

“As the people you reach follow your blog,” says Ken Collis, “they get to know you. Knowing you increases the likelihood that they will eventually do business with you. You get followers by being visible and then winning people over.”

Your blog will do the following:

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Stay Connected with Your Audience

Publish valuable content. Write about things that will be helpful, informative, and/or entertaining. In time you’ll build relationships with your followers.

TLK Fusion Marketing has proven over and over with their clients that people really do business with those they know, like and trust. Think about your own buying habits. It’s true, isn’t it?
You might do business with people you don’t like because you like what they are selling and see the benefit for yourself. But do you do business with those you don’t trust? Of course not. Your intuition will prompt you to steer clear.

Your blog will lay the groundwork for heightening visibility by helping social media followers get to know you.

Post blog articles on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Some bloggers even use Pintrest to be more visible. The content you share will help you build rapport. And as you interact, your followers or new friends will let their guards down and interact with you. Some of your followers will also “Like” you. Be sure to “Like” them back!

Let’s go back to discuss more about the benefit of establishing your credibility. This will be helpful in combating those false accusations of ethics and fraud we touched on a few paragraphs back. Before prospects become clients, establishing your credibility makes it easier to garner trust. As we said earlier, once prospects trust you, they will be willing to do business with you.

Do you need a website if your business only services your local community? Is it still important to have an online presence and dabble in social media? Yes!

In today’s marketplace, most people use the Internet to look for products and services. Your customers or clients might be able to walk to your business but they still use the Internet. They research companies they want to do business with, even within their own communities. Your website, blog and social media pages are selling you 24 hours a day. Talk about heightened visibility! Just imagine what business people of our grandparents’ days would think to know that we actually sell while we are sleeping.

Face Time

Social media platforms make it easy for us to connect with each other. Will meeting people face-to-face go out of style? “Never,” says Ken Collis. We at TLK Fusion Marketing believe that going to business conventions and networking events, or participating in trade shows will only serve to expand your visibility.”

Hosting after hours mixers at your office is also a great way to introduce yourself to potential new customers or clients. Your online presence will heighten your visibility, but nothing will ever replace a friendly handshake.

If you’re not doing something to heighten your visibility, remember that your competition might already be at the front of the line. Do what you can to reach them and then keep doing it better.

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