Meet the Leadership team

Ken Collis

CEO & Founder

Ever since childhood, Ken knew he wanted to become a successful businessman. Following the footsteps of his family, Ken began working for the family businesses early on in his life. Fast forward a couple decades later, and Collis graduated from Cal State Northridge with his Bachelor’s in Business. Soon into his business career, he became a partner with Bankcard Processing and proudly helped in the business development of Authorize.Net. Taking the company public at a young age was no easy task, especially with his partners being more than double his age. It was a learning experience that allowed him to grow into the business mogul that is still recognized in the financial industry today.

Collis remained in the financial industry until accepting a position with Clear Channel communications which today is known as iHeart Radio. He quickly rose to the top of the national billing chain, representing some of the largest clients on the books that included Donate Life California, Ford, and Colgate. After much consideration and the recommendations of some of today’s biggest celebrities and industry executives, Ken Collis launched a new wave of marketing called TLK Fusion. Today TLK Fusion remains a valuable asset to many businesses, both big and small, with a focus on cost efficiency and long-term relationships using the power of Ken’s rolodex of pop culture industry professionals. Ken has worked with some of the largest celebrities in the world, including the Kardashians, Jenni Rivera, Vicki Gunvalson, Rhianna and Ray J. TLK Fusion represents brands of all sizes, such as GUCCI, NIKE, Pepsi and Loreal.

In his spare time, Ken is an avid contributor to non-profits and believes in the importance of giving back – regularly donating to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, The American Red Cross, Donate Life California and Feed the Children. Outside of this, you can find Ken on the race track chasing his passion for exotic cars, or speaking to young entrepreneurs and giving them direction to grow their business in a noisy business world. Ken is married to his childhood sweetheart, has two beautiful children and two beautiful Pomeranians. “The TLK Fusion purpose is serving the mission of our customers, as well as inspiring transformation in our own people, local communities and the larger world. We recognize and appreciate the role all of our stakeholders — customers, employees, shareholders and community — play in our success.” — Ken Collis Est. 2009

Tim McCouch

Vice President of Operations

Raised as the tenth of 11 children in Philadelphia, Tim benefited tremendously from the challenge of making his voice heard in a large group setting. Growing up in such a large family, he mastered diplomatic people skills that still serve him well. A love of retail blossomed while he was a student at Temple University and lasted for 30 years. Tim began his retail career at Bloomingdale’s and realized early on that as the industry continued to evolve, he must as well. He worked for other prestigious retailers, including Strawbridge and Clothier, John Wanamaker and Hecht’s before seizing the opportunity to move to Los Angeles and work at Robinson’s-May and later, Macy’s. While at Macy’s his stellar work led to his becoming a Vice President.

As the retail environment saw sweeping changes, Tim evolved as well, capitalizing on the skills of assorting retail stores effectively with products that were geared toward local demographics, successfully driving business in that direction. His extensive retail background allowed him to understand and embrace the inner workings of brick and mortar stores, product assortment, sales planning, vendor placement, visual enhancement and communication with buying organizations to effectively grow and drive sales and market share. He saw the enormous potential of e-commerce and immersed himself into it, utilizing the platform to the advantage of his store locations, layering in a new sales-driving force. Still ambitious and wanting more career expansion and diversity, Tim left the retail world and opened a successful lifestyle and household management business. His extensive retail knowledge and background to drive distribution of products to market brought him to TLK Fusion.

As the company’s Vice President involved in client relations as well as distribution, Tim draws on his existing retail relationships as well as pulls on the vast TLK Fusion distribution index. Additionally, he utilizes his negotiating skills to drive products successfully to the market. Tim capitalizes on client relationships to understand the specific brand drivers and the appropriate retail outlets that make practical sense for the brand. He uses his prior experience in the retail industry-consulting with the clients to share perspective and understanding of the distribution process and how buyers come to decisions. In his spare time, Tim gives back to the community by volunteering with local food banks, visiting the elderly and donating time at various animal shelters. “As part of my personal evolution, I wanted to ensure that my life, which has been blessed in many ways, always possesses meaning by giving back to those around me,” he explains. Quality time with family is paramount as well and Tim is devoted to his spouse and child as well as five four-legged fur kids.