Members Only, an iconic outerwear brand, has reemerged in popular and fashion culture and is working towards attracting the new generation into its loyal following. However, it was missing the mark with the Latino demographic.
TLK Fusion understood that aligning the brand with a Latino celebrity was key to their growth.
Members Only 4th quarter sales increased double digits and have started to see a turn in sales from the desired demographics.

The Challenge

For almost 40 years, Members Only has led the apparel industry as the iconic outerwear brand for American culture. Sales were consistently at an all time high for years. As decades began to pass, the brand would fall in and out of trend with the younger global generation. The brand started to notice a strong decline due to other brands creating re-interpretation of their iconic racer jacket.

Fast forward to the millenium and the resurgence in popularity of the brand was not hitting all demographics with the same impact. With the growing Latino community representing a key demographic in any brand sales, Members Only was missing the mark with this community.

Members Only needed to find a way to reach out to the Latino Community in an organic way and reintroduce the brand to the new generation. Knowing that the Latino consumer relies heavily on fashion and style and supports cultural icons, Members Only needed a fresh face to represent them to the community.

Members Only came to TLK Fusion for assistance in aligning the brand with an individual that could easily penetrate the important Latino community.

The Solution

TLK Fusion had an immediate solution for Members Only. With its powerful rolodex in the celebrity community, the team immediately surfaced several names that would help Members Only reach the desired demographic. TLK Fusion knew the brand need to tap into a new audience, and have a face that resonated within the Latino community. TLK Fusion introduced Bebe Coronel to the brand. An immediate connection between Members Only and Bebe was apparent. Bebe possessed a high level of energy and social reach that the brand needed to attract not only the mainstream market, but effectively cross over as well.

TLK Fusion had developed a long term relationship with the singer and Instagram phenomenon. TLK Fusion constructed a strategic plan to target the reach and Bebe Coronel was positioned immediately to bridge the gap between the Members Only brand and the Latino community.

Members Only understood that tapping into the Latino market could be very lucrative for the brand and knew Bebe Coronel would be the perfect fit for the brand to increase its awareness to a new audience.

The strategic plan was divided into four campaigns:

• Digital/Social Engagement: TLK Fusion strategically collaborated with Bebe to deliver a series of digital and social campaigns that utilized the dynamic content in the form of photoshoots for social media platforms and website purposes.

• Historic Jackson Estate Halloween Party: TLK Fusion introduced Members Only to Prince Jackson and the Michael Jackson Estate and coordinated with Bebe to perform at the Estate’s Costume for a Cause event hosted by Micheal Jackson’s eldest son, Prince and his foundation Heal Los Angeles. Members Only was featured in the performance and donated a one of a kind limited edition version of the famed Thriller Jacket. This jacket was auctioned off to raise awareness and proceeds for the Foundation. The event was a success and visible to millions.

• Photoshoots: TLK Fusion dedicated team of professional photographers conducted photoshoots that showcased Bebe and the iconic Members Only brand creating assets that the brand would be able to use on their own platforms and website.

• Media/Interviews: During his media tours throughout the 4th quarter, Bebe highlighted his partnership with Members Only in front of the national Latino press outlets. He also coordinated his wardrobe with the brand. Several of the activities included walking the red carpet at the Latin Grammys, Premios de los Radio Awards, and the Metropolitan Fashion Week Awards. At each of these events, he announced his support for Members Only during his interviews. Members Only understood that tapping into the Latino market could be very lucrative for the brand and knew Bebe Coronel would be the perfect fit for the brand to increase its awareness to a new audience.

The Results

Members Only immediately had the reach that was needed within the Latino demographic it had been seeking.

• Bebe Coronel positioned the brand in front of his 500K following and through contesting and giveaways assisted the brands Instagram following growth by 8%.

• Cyber Weekend Sales, where Bebe was featured as the face of the brand rose by 18% over last year

• The Costume For A Cause social reach was estimated at over 100M with his performance being featured on YouTube and other platforms

• Bebe Coronel exposed the brand to not only a new generation, but also spread the growth and sales into the desired Latino community

• Members Only gained national attention and exposure in the Latino press through various interviews and live television appearances in the national Latino press and television stations.

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